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The first B2B Software Venture Builder with a Copycat Strategy

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Venture Box

Venture Box is a copycat venture builder that follows a model of systematic investment in B2B software products that aims to


the opportunity given by hype about specific market trends


portfolio diversity with low overall investment volume


risks associated with idea effectiveness and execution phase

The model

The model foresees the industrial replication of SaaS products already validated by the market with a minimum investment in terms of development effort, high speed in the launch and optimization of support processes.

Venture Box 4 Phases: Analysis, Launch, Validation, Maturity

The Business Process

Is based on a fast track to exit through a systematic approach, organized into four main steps, that could be summarized in:

A first phase that provides an off-line validation of the original product (to be copycatted), to exclude irrelevant features and receive input on critical features; after the first 12 months and/or when the contract value exceeds €100k ARR, Venture Box will look for early exit or phase out to recover cash.

B2B software is a blue ocean for copycat venture building players

Ride the wave of super hype market trends!


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