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Supporting organizations with innovation advisory and the advanced technology of startups, infused with smart investments.

Your B2B innovation highway

High impact advisory, implementation, and investment services leading to technology-based competitive advantage


A new community has been extended to the Middle East to better integrate the B2B innovation ecosystem, from tech investors to final users

Tech Startups

An international technology transfer highway, bringing the best of the Middle East startups to Europe and cutting edge technologies to our home front

Innovation Advisory

Implementers of strategic initiatives to bring your projects to the next level, by leveraging startup and internal venturing technologies


Empowerers of international entrepreneurs and high tech investors

We enable innovation in line with business strategies, leveraging a know-how transfer integrated ecosystem, research, and business community.

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We help all innovation ecosystem players to create a better way to collaborate and grow, in a fast and sustainable way


We streamline innovation through entrepreneurship, leveraging an integrated ecosystem of education, research and business communities


We provide a digital and physical platform where companies find the best innovation solutions, investors find B2B opportunities, and startups find growth

GELLIFY Middle East Leader Bio

Massimo Cannizzo

Massimo Cannizzo

CEO and Co-Founder of GELLIFY Middle East

C-level senior advisor, executive, and entrepreneur

Fabio Nalucci


Entrepreneur and manager with history of multiple successful exits

What they say about us

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A “platform” which analyzes and organizes information related to landlines, mobile networks, and data plans, in order to help companies save money on telecommunications costs.

A group of “data-driven tech companies” dedicated to the development of AI software solutions for marketing, sales, and finance.

A real-time customer engagement software vendor which primarily serves communication agencies, as well as large brand events in B2B2C and retail.

An innovative startup that implements online fundraising and digital communication instruments in order to help donation culture to flourish.

The only Italian company in the IT sector that provides the market with a solution to digitize their sales processes. The solution, based on cloud technology, supports sellers throughout the entire sales cycle.


A collaborative supply chain solution that integrates all suppliers, whatever their dimension, language, or tech infrastructure, and automates the purchasing process.

Logo Beaconforce

A Silicon Valley-founded B2B SaaS which serves talent management with artificial intelligence algorithms for monitoring employee satisfaction.

The first Instagram influencer marketing platform that creates, accumulates, and positions influencers.

A software and engineering company focused on applying computational intelligence to resolve scheduling and product design problems in diverse sectors, all through its Kimeme technology.

A digital platform whose plug-&-play products increase productivity and focus on involving line workers, without requiring any connection with machines or infrastructurel. In October 2019, TechMass made an exit when TeamSystem SpA acquired control.

Jumple logo

Jumple unites the advantages of the digital world and physical points of sales with its humanoid robot. Jumple came to life during a company building project with Intesa San Paolo Innovation Center and GELLIFY.

Enerbrain’s energy-saving system is based on machine learning and improves air quality and comfort metrics such as humidity, temperature, CO2, and pollutants with real-time optimization.

Logo Scytale

A research lab focused on advanced cryptography and blockchain with the mission of bringing innovative solutions for electronic identities and signatures to market.

A SAP consulting services company with specialties in document management. DDM Technology analyzes organizations’ document processes and how they implement projects to dematerialize documents related to active and passive financial cycles.

A high tech project factory which uses AI to design objects and experiences with an innovative avatar concept.

An open source UX platform that realizes applications on open-source Kubernetes. The platform enables the production of personalized light enterprise and native cloud applications. It harmonizes the UX with omnichannel logic, accelerating time to market.

Logo Hokan

A UK-based startup with a platform for storing crypto assets. It is the most secure service of its kind on the market because it combines hardware, software, processes, biometrics, and standard security protocols.

SecureFlag is an on-line application security training platform for developers to learn and practice modern secure coding techniques. It offers practical exercises in real development environments, created on demand in a few seconds and accessed through the web browser.
Through a 100% hands-on training platform based on real-world exercises and many supported languages, SecureFlag empowers organizations and their developers to create a more secure, digital world.


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