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Supporting companies with the advanced technology of startups, infused with smart investments.

Your B2B innovation super highway

High impact advisory, implementation, and investment services leading to technology-based competitive advantage


The first B2B innovation community to transform the B2B ecosystem in Spain

Tech Startups

A technology transfer super highway, bringing the best of the Spanish startups to Europe and cutting edge technologies to our home front

Innovation Advisory

Implementers of strategic initiatives to bring your projects to the next level, all with the support of innovative startup and internal venturing technologies


Empowerers of international entrepreneurs and high tech investors

GELLIFY for Companies

GELLIFY supports companies looking to create repeatable and scalable innovation through open programs and the latest digital services and products.

GELLIFY designs streamlined processes and enables companies to implement their projects up to launching new startups, by co-investing and giving access to vertical communities for their industries.


Vision & Organization Alignment


Create New & Grow Existing Business

Strategic resources

Build Strategic Resources

GELLIFY Iberia Leader Bio

Michele Giordani

Michele Giordani

CMO & Founder of GELLIFY

13 yrs experience in B2B SW
Data Scientist and Relator

Fabio Nalucci

Group CEO & Founder of GELLIFY

Distinguished entrepreneur and manager with history of multiple successful exits

Diego Fernandez

Diego Fernandez

CEO & Co-founder of GELLIFY Iberia

Serial entrepreneur (3 exits), thinker, doer, and highly skilled strategist

Gianluigi Martina

Gianluigi Martina

COO & Founder of GELLIFY

20 yrs experience in B2B SW
EX – Sr Manager Operations in Accenture (100+ people)

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