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GELLIFY launches Venture Box, a copycat venture builder for the B2B software market

GELLIFY – a B2B innovation platform that connects high-tech B2B startups with traditional companies to innovate their processes, products, and business models – Venture Box, a copycat venture builder with a second mover strategy for SaaS B2B software products.

The project aims to launch companies that recreate and improve established technology models, with minimal investment in terms of development effort, high go-to-market speed and optimization of supportive processes. The entrepreneurial project’s purpose is to create new innovative companies in sectors already validated by the B2B software market through systematic investments, minimizing risks and maximizing returns.

Venture Box was born after a long period of research into the opportunities provided by the Venture Building landscape, which is a model focused on the fast scalability of a selected number of projects with high strategic impact.

The Venture Builder is a business enterprise which invests its know-how and resources to the systematic production of new companies, industrializing the innovation process.

Venture Box follows a systematic investment model that has three main purposes: the first one is maximizing the opportunities provided by specific market trends; the second one is reducing the risks related to the ideas’ effectiveness and the execution phase; the third one is diversifying the products portfolio with a low overall investment volume.

The Venture Builder will invest in the most current trends related to technologies applied to marketing, sales, legal, collaboration and business operations.

Gianluca Bernardi, Head of Growth at GELLIFY, comments: “When we have an idea, we’re super enthusiastic and think it is original. Then, after some conversations and a Google search, we find out that it has already been done by someone who’s bigger, better and has more resources than us, so we give up our project to avoid looking like a copycat. But what if there is still room for improvement? What if there are clients or users who are still not getting what they want from existing solutions? This approach has been our starting point in GELLIFY in order to develop the Venture Box model, because we believe that second movers are healthy for the high-tech industry, as they trigger new demand and stimulate a constant flow of product innovation.”

The plan is to launch a new product every four months and afterwards to spin-off the products that reach enough critical mass.

The NewCo has a widespread entrepreneurial organizational structure that involves:

1) entrepreneurs with a track record in the digital industry;

2) an operational team that designs and develops the products and participates in the equity of the company;

3) a key person who is an expert in the field of each product, appointed as “champion”, who guides decisions on the product roadmap and go-to-market strategies.

Michele Giordani, Managing Partner and Founder of GELLIFY, comments: “We are excited about starting this initiative. We’ve created several corporate ventures in the past few years and therefore we have a well-established, industrial model. What will give us an extra edge is the widespread entrepreneurial involvement of the people, which will help everyone to put their focus and creativity into the products.”

The group of investors who have joined the project is made up of business angels, C-levels and startuppers with a track record of successful exits. All of them are highly competent in the areas of interest of Venture Box and able to develop a positive network effect, increasing the potential for success of the products.

The baseline market is the SaaS industry, whose global size will reach 171.9 billion dollars by 2022 and that has generated a CAGR of 31.8% from 2015 to 2020 (source: Statista).

In addition to the attractive growth perspectives of the SaaS industry, GELLIFY firmly believes that, even though venture Box is a NewCo, it has a competitive advantage given by a strong network of strategic partners and Community members who have a proven track record of rapidly creating, building and scaling products and businesses. The Venture Box Advisory Board also includes Francesco Magro, CEO and Founder of Winelivery, and Giovanni Roberto, Deputy CEO of Winelivery. 

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