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GELLIFY and EIT Manufacturing join forces to support European innovation

We are so glad to announce that GELLIFY has officially joined the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Manufacturing network partnership!

Together, GELLIFY and EIT Manufacturing will share resources and knowledge to support the emerging of the most innovative manufacturing ventures, building a common startup ecosystem for potential co-investment opportunities.

from left to right: Lucia Chierchia (Managing Partner GELLIFY), Fabio Nalucci (Founder and CEO GELLIFY), Gian Mario Maggio (Managing Director EIT Manufacturing CLC South), Klaus Betz (CEO EIT Manufacturing)

BOOSTING INNOVATION IN MANUFACTURING! – plain and simple, that’s what GELLIFY and EIT Manufacturing aim to do. The Network Partnership Agreement signed by Gian Mario Maggio, Managing Director of the Co-Location Center (CLC) South and Fabio Nalucci, CEO and Founder of GELLIFY, will unveil a world of opportunities for innovative manufacturing startups. The two organizations will join efforts to boost the deployment of innovation in the European ecosystem. EIT Manufacturing is an Innovation Community supported by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union.

The agreement was signed in the presence of EIT Manufacturing’s CEO, Klaus Beetz, who reflected on the partnership: “Partnering with GELLIFY further enhances EIT Manufacturing’s ability to accelerate innovative solutions that answer to Europe’s most important manufacturing challenges. We are certain that this partnership will contribute very much to our mission of building a network of ecosystems where innovators are encouraged to add unique value to European products, processes and services.”

Klaus Beetz, CEO EIT Manufacturing. (c) Matthias Heschl

Gian Mario Maggio also commented the following on the partnership: With this strategic agreement, GELLIFY and EIT Manufacturing, represented by its Co-Location Center South, are joining forces to accelerate the green and digital transition of the manufacturing domain by engaging innovative companies at a national and European level”.

Director Co-Location Center (CLC) Sud, (c) Matthias Heschl

His views were echoed by Lucia Chierchia, Managing Partner of GELLIFY, who designed this partnership with EITM team: “To boost innovation in manufacturing, we have to create a framework that structures the business needs of manufacturing corporates, analyse the innovation potential of startups ecosystem and identify co-investment opportunities, integrating capital with vertical activities to support companies’ growth. The partnership covers all the technology domains required by smart manufacturing evolution, from analytics to AI, from advanced sensors to automation.”

Lucia Chierchia, Managing Partner GELLIFY

To have a full coverage of industrial technologies, in digital and beyond, the partnership also includes INDUSTRIO VENTURES, GELLIFY’s partner for mechatronics. Alfredo Maglione, President of INDUSTRIO VENTURES comments: “The integration of hardware and software solutions is the way to build industrial IoT platforms. Our partnership with GELLIFY and EIT Manufacturing can be an accelerator for this evolution.”

Alfredo Maglione, Presidente Industrio Ventures

The full potential of the partnership remains to be seen with high potential of cooperation in several fields. Rani Avissar, Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships at EIT Manufacturing and one of the main architects of this agreement, shared that: “EIT Manufacturing’s strategic partnership with GELLIFY is another powerful engine driving our relentless pursuit of scaling-up industrial innovation in Europe. Together with GELLIFY, we look forward to fuelling the best Industry 4.0 startups and connecting them with our pan-European partners and programmes for reimagining the global manufacturing landscape”.

Rani Avvisar, Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships at EIT Manufacturing

Francesco Ferri, Managing Partner and Manufacturing Industry Lead of GELLIFY, added: GELLIFY supports manufacturing companies from different sectors in their innovation processes, from the strategic digital transformation plan to the intervention on specific technological needs related to the efficiency of production processes. Thanks to this partnership, GELLIFY and EIT Manufacturing will be able to help companies even more effectively in their innovation strategy and increase their competitiveness. There is really a great potential, since small, medium and micro enterprises (SMEs) make up 99% of the EU’s businesses. They provide two-thirds of jobs in the private sector and contribute more than half of the total value added created by businesses in the Union.”

Francesco Ferri, Managing Partner and Manufacturing Industry Lead GELLIFY
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