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GELLIFY Among Top 40 Companies in FT1000 2021

FT1000 2021 is the Financial Times’ fifth annual ranking of Europe’s fastest-growing companies. GELLIFY ranked n.35 of 1000. 

Milan, March 2nd, 2021 – GELLIFYa global B2B innovation platform that selects, invests in, and grows innovative high-tech startups and connects them to traditional companies to innovate their processes, products and business models, announces its entry into the fifth European FT 1000 2021 ranking. 

The FT 1000 list  is curated by the Financial Times with Statista. The two have conducted a joint analysis of thousands of European companies, focusing on their growth.  

The ranking displays the top 1,000 companies in Europe that have achieved the highest percentage growth in revenues between 2016 and 2019, that is, just before the market disruption due to the pandemic. 

GELLIFY ranks thirty-fifth (35th), and is second among the listed Italian companies, with an absolute growth rate of 2,347% and a CAGR of 190.3%

Two companies from GELLIFY’s portfolio have also been included in the European ranking: IUNGO (694) and Ddm Solutions (457). 

The Financial Times is analyzing how the fortitude witnessed in European companies just over a year ago, can lead to more resilience in the markets once the impact of vaccine programs takes hold.  
FT says that: “in terms of sectors, the ranking once again reflects the growth achieved by technology companies, which dominate with 218 entrants, up from 189 last year. If the related categories of fintech and e-commerce are added, that total rises to 290. 

For the first time, Italy is the country with the most entries on the listwith 269. Coming in second is Germany with 203, followed by France with 164.  

Fabio Nalucci, Founder and CEO of GELLIFY said, “The entry in the FT 1000 ranking proves the strength of our model designed to support the SaaS B2B software startups in which we invest through financing, capabilities, and go-to-market assistance. The startups’ technological solutions are a fundamental part of our offering for business model innovation. It generates a win-win strategy which grows our revenues from professional services and boosts their platform sales . This is a paradigm that has proven to be profitable and scalable at a global level, as proven in our launches in the Middle East and Iberia. Operations in these new markets were necessary to scale our model outside Italy: we will shortly start raising capital to launch investment funds targeting local startups”.  

Fabio Nalucci, CEO and Founder GELLIFY
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