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We support the shift from provider-driven to patient-driven Healthcare.

Digital and biotechnologies are offering us an unprecedented opportunity to significantly improve our health by boosting the quality of one’s life and increasing its duration. Currently, the healthcare industry is experiencing a paradigm shift from a provider-centric approach, which is based a reactive attitude in patients where people care about their health only when symptoms occur, to a patient-centric healthcare approach, which facilitates a proactive attitude in patients by empowering them to manage their own health by leveraging the best monitoring and preventative technologies that are available on the market today.

Mobile and wearable

Mobile and wearable devices provide a great opportunity for patients and the healthcare industry to support a digital transformation by giving physicians access to real-time data for quality patient care and more precise studies. Also, these devices fuel AI solutions with knowledge that will help physicians rapidly predict and prevent illnesses.

The future leaders

The future leaders will be those who can optimize costs with a growth strategy based in innovation, evolving their business model by investing in emerging technologies and by using digital to integrate new partners and channels.

The new healthcare model is shifting from a reactive treatment model to the promotion of patients’ education, connectivity, well-being and prevention. As a result, not only patients, but the entire industry has to adapt to these changes. GELLIFY is active in helping healthcare providers, healthcare organizations and tech startups develop smart solutions that impact the overall healthcare system, with connections between patients, physicians, hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, insurance companies, researchers and more.

Our offerings in the field of augmented health include:

Health Ecosystem Innovation Development

Augmented Healthcare Platform – Strategy, Design and Integration

Telemedicine Solutions

Artificial Intelligence Solutions for Healthcare

Healthcare Mobile Apps and Personal Health Assistants

Health-Monitoring Wearable Solutions

Mindfulness Programs and Supporting Technology

Smart Human

Change Management

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