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GELLIFY Fintech is aimed at conveying valuable content and creating an effective and high-profile network including financial institutions, venture capitalists, start-ups and technological partners.

Is an international format that brings together a network of innovators who are committed to enabling entrepreneurship and investments in the Fintech field (start-ups, investors and financial institutions) with a view to conveying valuable content and creating an effective and high-profile network.

The format

FinTechStage is famous for its own non-conventional format, made up of interaction, co-creation and a customised design, combining a network of innovators committed to spreading entrepreneurship and bringing about investments in the “Fintech” field.

The target

The objective of FinTechStage is to put together financial institutions, Venture Capitalists, start-ups, regulators and technological partners and to create innovation ecosystems that support the deep change in financial services.


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