The GELLIFY team has several years’ experience in the B2B sector, in innovation and in new technologies.

The GELLIFY team

Fabio Nalucci

CEO & Founder

Successful exit
with multinational companies

Michele Giordani

Managing Partner & Founder

12-year experience in B2B SW
Data Scientist and Speaker @ Bologna University

Gianluigi Martina

Managing Partner & Founder

15 years of experience in B2B SW
Former Sr Manager Operations at Accenture (100+ people)

Marcello Coppa

Managing Partner

He has created 10+ innovation programs for large companies
Professor of Business Design @ University of Milan

Andrea Landini

Managing Partner

He has launched and financed 4 start-ups
Directed 20+ call4ideas
and hackaton

Lucia Chierchia

Managing Partner

20-year experience in technology management for R&D and IndustrialOperations.

Formerly Head of Innovation Hub @ Electrolux Group

Advisory Board

Fausta Pavesio

Business Angel, Appian Senior Advisor, serial entrepreneur

Annamaria Di Ruscio

CEO @ NetConsulting Cube

Barbara Labate

CEO @ Restore

Marco Morchio

ICEG Strategy Lead @ Accenture

Massimo Morielli

ICEG Digital Lead @ Accenture


Join the GELLIFY team, we are an innovation catalyst that values talent willing to work in the B2B world.