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Dinapsis Open Challenge

DINAPSIS Open Challenge  is an open innovation program which seeks to connect entrepreneurs & start-ups with the innovation ecosystem, including public administrations, associations and corporates.

The 1st edition will take place in Benidorm, with the aim of strengthening the innovation ecosystem of the Valencian Region.

Due to the impact that this pandemic has had on the tourism sector, this call is  looking for start-ups within the theme «Sustainable Tourism, SDGs and Climate Change».

The main purpose of this call is to find start-ups to solve the challenges we have set out, carry out a pilot test with the ecosystem, and thus draw conclusions for subsequent implementation in the sector.

What are we looking for?

Responsible Tourism

We look for solutions to which tourists can relate in a responsible way with the environment.

  • Increase tourists’ awareness on their impact to the environment.
  • Incentives for tourists to act responsibly.
  • Provide tourists with tools so that they can contribute to the circular economy in the territory.

Diversified Tourism

We look for solutions that help diversify tourism in the area in a sustainable way for better social interaction.

  • Digitalization of cultural experiences.
  • Valorization of natural resources and cultural heritage in less touristic areas.
  • Management of the capacity of public and private spaces.
  • Improvement of segmented tourism communication. 
  • Creation of new sustainable tourism offers (Slow Tourism).
  • Exploitation of Km.0 resources.

Sustainable Tourism

We look for solutions that allow a better use of infrastructures, detaching them from seasonality.

  • Sensorisation of infrastructures to promote a better use.
  • Improving the sustainable mobility of tourists.
  • Manage waste produced by tourism.
  • Measures to guarantee safety at the destination, both for tourists and citizens.
  • Decongestion of tourist traffic in residential areas.


How can you take part in?

  • By clicking on ‘APPLY’ it will automatically redirect you to F6S.
  • Fill it in before 19th of April. You will be able to do it in several days because it will be saved. ​
  • Estimated time to fill in: 15 minutes.
  • Try to be as specific as possible and answer exactly what we ask.
  • The quality of the answers is very important for us to be able to evaluate your solution correctly. If you have any doubts, please contact us at innovacion@dinapsis.es
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