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Company Building

Together, we seize the opportunities generated by building and developing new companies.


Ideally, innovation should enable new business models that show its value. In order to bring about incremental innovation, consolidated companies invest in research and development activities; however, a company is not always able to take advantage of all the opportunities innovation offers and, in fact, many of them cannot focus enough on the initiatives of the markets that are farthest from their traditional business.

The solution is therefore to adopt an open approach, singling out these opportunities into new companies.

The Areas

We believe that specialised expertise and a vertical market are critical success factors in company building. For this reason, GELLIFY’s on-demand start-ups deal with creating new business alongside other consolidated companies in these areas:

  • B2B platforms;

  • Data monetisation;

  • “System” start-ups focused on Innovation ecosystem, Industry 4.0 and Fintech

The steps

GELLIFY’s company building method runs through different phases that allow any project to be implemented and become unique in terms of business model, synergies with the original corporate and market positioning.


  1. Concept definition
  2. Evaluation of assets and constraits
  3. Operational plan


  1. Offering and business model
  2. Revenues and costs model
  3. Funding needs
  4. Viable cap table evolutions


  1. LOI & Shareholder agreement
  2. Company creation
  3. Pitch
  4. Funding round & roadshow


  1. Brand identity and digital presence
  2. Product Demo
  3. Fist selling deck


  1. Sales plan through shareholder channels
  2. Go to market plan
  3. Product roadmap

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