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With the advent on the market of smartphones, tablets and apps, the mobile market has never stopped growing. Working on mobile devices has enabled companies to revise and improve business processes and to increase productivity in the first wave of what has been called “digital transformation”.

On-the-move business processes

Nowadays, APPs installed on company devices are enabling elements with which we are able to create distributed and usable on-the-move systems, with effective user experience, significantly increasing return on investment.

By making daily operations accessible from mobile devices, also legacy systems acquire new relevance benefitting from an increase between 150% and 300% in the adoption of company platforms by employees, partners and clients, when these operations are available on smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

APPS for enterprises

GELLIFY Enterprise apps are designed for corporate environments, they support numerous serviceability and security technical requirements without sacrificing usability and effectiveness whether they have been designed as independent applications, or they are part of a wider process controlled by other company systems.

Do you want to take advantage of mobility to improve your business processes?


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