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We base Innovation advisory on the methodologies of design-thinking, open innovation and a deep technological knowledge.

We assist organisations in defining strategies and innovation processes. Our unique approach combines three key ingredients aimed at developing the ability to innovate in a repeatable and scalable way.

Design thinking

We apply design thinking to processes.

We are experts in innovation processes and are keen on using the right leverages used to align business strategies, innovation directions and organisational models.

Thanks to our ability to map out a strong and shared vision and engage stakeholders, we design enabling mechanisms that work well.

Open Innovation

We connect organisations to an innovation ecosystem.

Our consultants have been the first in Italy in dealing with open innovation and crowdsourcing for large companies, territorial development bodies and policy makers. We know how to detect trends, technologies and innovative start-ups and to develop partnerships in order to make solution-seeking problems and opportunity-seeking solutions meet.

We believe that organisations can release innovative energy by leveraging their own staff and the experience they have built up.


We are experts in development and management of innovative projects.

Our experience with the most innovative and tech companies has allowed us to develop a unique feel for executing innovation.

We believe that combining strong creativity, advanced technological competences and the capacity to manage time, teams and resources in an agile way, is the recipe for success.


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