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Our programme for B2B software start-ups

GELLIFY helps software and SaaS enterprises grow thanks to a unique and exclusive methodology called Gellification (lasting 6-24 months), which is delivered to a limited number of companies.

A digital platform that analyses and manages data relating to fixed, mobile and data network company telecommunications, and optimises telecommunications services.

Group of data-driven tech companies dedicated to the development of software solutions, based on Artificial Intelligence, for Marketing, Sales and Finance. Datrix includes: 3rdPlace (user & customer AI), FinScience (investment AI), ByTek (performance marketing AI), PaperLit (distribution & monetization AI).

A phygital engagement software platform that uses social networks and the content produced by users to create more engaging and interactive user experience and marketing campaigns.

CrowdChicken is an Innovative Start-up aimed at implementing online and digital communication fundraising services and tools for the promotion of the culture of donation.

Apparound is an app that digitalises sales processes in order to foster their productivity. Apparound is much more than a simple CPQ (Configure Price Quote), as it combines marketing contents and configuration of offers in a single solution.

Supply Chain Collaboration solution and technological platform that allows to automate the purchasing process thanks to the patented email solution “IUNGOmail”. IUNGO fits into a scenario where effective logistics management is nowadays a relevant and decisive issue for the survival and success of a company.

Logo Beaconforce

Beaconforce is a B2B and SaaS software start-up that supports the top management in managing talent thanks to the use of artificial intelligence algorithms.

Influencer marketing  platform which allows brands to have access to a wide range of targeted micro-influencers for the promotion of a marketing campaign, automating all the steps of the campaign and maximising ROI.

Cyberdyne is a software and engineering company that adapts computational intelligence solutions to different industrial sectors. It solves, through the Kimeme product, scheduling and product design problems as well.

Traipler is a Video Content Marketing and Digital Storytelling platform that follows the entire process of making a video, guaranteeing rapid timing and a very high quality result.

Techmass implement lean manufacturing principles through an IoT cloud-based tool and a digital platform based on Machine Learning; it facilitates the line operators in monitoring and improving the efficiency of manufacturing production floor. It helps to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Software vendor that aims to revolutionize the consumer experience, combining the benefits of the digital world at the point of physical sale and leveraging humanoid robots. Jumple was born from a company building project between Intesa San Paolo Innovation Center and GELLIFY.

The system designed by Enerbrain, thanks to the machine learning algorithm developed by the company, not only detects parameters of comfort and air quality – such as humidity, temperature, CO2 and pollutants – but optimizes them in real time. It offers energy saving solutions for large buildings that allow radical cuts in consumption and improve air quality.

Logo Scytale

Startup specializing in the development of advanced cryptographic solutions, electronic signatures and Blockchain protocol authentication with the mission of introducing new and innovative solutions to the identity and digital signature market.
From this think-tank, SignChain was born: an advanced electronic signature platform based on Blockchain and eIDAS Regulation compliant.

EatsReady is the 360 ° lunch break solution. The payment and mobile ordering platform connects users, companies, and merchants in the food world. EatsReady is the first startup in Italy to become the issuer of meal tickets with the mission of creating value for the entire ecosystem by leveraging its innovative technology and business model.

DDM Technology has developed “DDM for SAP Applications”, the unique integrated solution on the market which is directly installed inside the SAP ERP and that is configured as a true AddOn and natively integrated with the German ERP. The solution aims at speeding up and simplifying the processes of sharing, approval and filing documents through the so-called “electronic stapling”.

IGOODI is not a simple hi-tech company, but a Value-Building Company, which combines design and advanced technologies to enhance the uniqueness of each individual and offer him a perfect integration of himself/herself with the universe of digital services, which impact more and more our lives.
An innovative mission, designed for men and women of nowadays and which is already announced by the very name “IGOODI”, where the positive potential (GOOD) creates a bridge between the real IO (I) and the digital IO (I).

Entando is a leading open source UX Innovation Platform for building modern web applications on Kubernetes. We help our customers produce lightweight, cloud-native, and highly personalized enterprise applications more quickly than their competitors. Our platform standardizes user experience across channels, increasing development efficiency and shortening the time to market for even the most complex applications.

Founded in 2019 in UK, Hokan is a software company that provides a custody platform for Crypto Asset. The Hokan platform combines hardware, software, processes, and standards to offer the safest crypto asset custody platform on the market. Hokan deals with the management of cryptocurrency assets, providing the equivalent of a digital vault. Hokan custody services aim to manage cryptocurrency assets for extended periods, without any kind of currency or blockchain limit, given its agnostic nature.

Winelivery is the app for drinking, delivering alcoholic beverages at the right temperature in 30 minutes. The technological platform is also a communication channel that directly connects the consumer with the producer, who can “tell” their products and distribute them with an excellent delivery service. The service, launched in January 2016 in Milan, is now active in 13 cities. In addition to serving the private market, Winelivery offers services to both the Ho.re.ca world and to companies, such as mini-catering and gifts.

SecureFlag Logo

SecureFlag is an on-line application security training platform for developers to learn and practice modern secure coding techniques. It offers practical exercises in real development environments, created on demand in a few seconds and accessed through the web browser.
Through a 100% hands-on training platform based on real-world exercises and many supported languages, SecureFlag empowers organizations and their developers to create a more secure, digital world.

Deliveristo is the food delivery platform dedicated to B2B that offers an innovative service: it digitizes the current supply process by restaurants and chefs thanks to a platform that puts them in direct contact with suppliers in an easy, fast and efficient way.

We Wealth is the first platform in Europe that connects investment supply and demand through a relationship between the parties based on profiling technologies, quality content and artificial intelligence,

Ecommerce and digital export startup, focused on luxury made in Italy. designitaly.com platform provides SME with a turnkey service to get into international markets, via an hybrid markeplace model and droposhipping logistics.

The SaaS solution offers an innovative and agile application framework in the fields of “Order Management and Enterprise Catalog”. The “core” component of the bit2win suite is the Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) tool, functional to maximize sales and salespersons effectiveness, through the following three steps: bid configuration, negotiation management and contract closing.

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