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B2B software Start-ups

A start-up should have all the necessary professional skills, as well as a winning product that meets clients needs. Besides having a significant impact on the costs, specialised staff is difficult to attract. However, highly professional skills are a key element to meet market needs.

In order to face these problems, GELLIFY assists start-ups along their growth path through:



Round-A investments from traditional and digital entrepreneurs.


Gellification - Innovation advisory


Our proprietary model that influences all company areas by developing processes and integrating the skills of the start-ups.

Community GELLIFY

Access to the market

Thanks to the network of our managing partners, corporate partners and technology partners available on the platform.

Innovation advisory

The Gellification programme makes available standard processes and the necessary share of time dedicated by managers and outsourcing resources specialised in B2B and enterprise SW, by relying on a backbone of tools designed for start-ups.

The Gellification

This process brings a reduction of risks and increases the value of the company on the market.


Why constitute a start-up?

La start-up is set up to meet a market need, this way seizing a business opportunity.


You have a great idea and a valid team

From day 0, it is essential to undestand how the innovation the start-up revolves around can meet a market need, by exchanging views with clients and transforming the product based on the feedbacks received. GELLIFY delivers all the basic processes for a B2B software company, allowing the founders of a start-up to focus on clients and on the product.


The innovation implemented starts producing revenues

Once a convincing product has been developed, a new adventure starts, that of building a corporate that is able to transform it into a global sucess: broadening the team, finding new clients, becoming independent from the founders. In this phase, the Gellification implements processes, controls tools and integrates the competences of the start-up. By doing so, the cost structure the start-up will have to bear will be considerably lightened.


Growing and predictable costs

Thanks to the “secret sauce” of the Gellification process, all company processes scale up and the start-up is more and more independent and gains a managerial approach. Thanks to its network, GELLIFY helps gaining access to the market, making strategic decisions and building up valuable partnerships.


The business becomes solid

The business becomes solid, independent and economically self-sufficient on a potentially scalable and international market.

The Gellification programmes create new successful B2B software companies that can choose to seize the best exit opportunity.

Find out who has partecipated in the programme:

Why should a start-up be interested?


The Gellification process lays the foundations to solving organisational, operational and strategic problems that are typical of a new business. GELLIFY helps keeping a focus on the key phases of business development by providing tools and competences.



The Gellification is a virtuous process whose business plan requires less financial support, allowing the founders of the start-up to keep larger shares in the company.



The start-up will acquire greater market value with a less risky business plan and better growth perspectives.


Are you a B2B software entrepreneur?

Take advantage of the Gellification path!

Are you a company?

The Gellification approach does not only target start-ups, but can also be adopted by companies willing to innovate.


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