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In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, GELLIFY pioneered an EXPLORE Events initiative called Future-Proof Your Organization with Black Swan Capabilities.

GELLIFY experts and external speakers talked about how innovative technologies can help to create a more resilient and sustainable economy.

The topics were organized in sessions or mini-series, which you can replay below. Subjects include digital intrapreneurship; blockchain-backed supply chains; V/R and A/R remote collaboration; risk mitigation through predictive analytics and AI; smart working cyber security; and more. 

Each session includes expert opinions, pragmatic solutions, and use cases, which highlight how each digital innovation can mitigate business risks.


SESSION 1 – APRIL 21st | 14:00 GST (12:00 CEST)

The global COVID-19 pandemic highlights how important it is to manage Black Swan events. We live in a global and interconnected world. To succeed, your business must rely on high-speed, neuronal cooperation along the entire value chain. Are you ready to manage the domino effect of COVID-19?

• Discover the core capabilities that you need to manage COVID-19 and future Black Swans

• Discuss must-have technologies for your digital roadmap

• Implement anti-fragility strategy into your business model, investment strategy, and risk management plan

• Get an overview of the EXPLORE Events COVID-19 series, Future-Proof Your Organization with Black Swan Capabilities

SESSION 2 – APRIL 28th | 14:00 GST (12:00 CEST)

Our rapid race toward exponential change leads to rampant uncertainty in our work and lives.

No one can predict the future of events like COVID-19 and their impact on specific industries across the globe.

It’s difficult to know how to invest your organization’s money and energy.

Every crisis reveals which companies were prepared or able to rapidly innovate through intrapreneurial thought. Don’t worry if COVID took you by surprise. This session will get you up to speed.

Join our free online event to learn how to integrate entrepreneurial thinking and culture inside your organization, whether you collaborate digitally or physically.

You’ll be glad you did, as you see your employees gain new aptitudes in creativity, risk-taking, pragmatism, and decision speed during these crucial moments.

SESSION 3 – MAY 5th | 14:00 GST (12:00 CEST)

COVID-19 has tested the resilience of many business processes.

Supply chains, crucial to all sectors, are among those most affected. All businesses are connected through a unique integrated supply chain.

The behavior of one company in the chain impacts every element in the ecosystem.

The COVID situation has seen supply chain managers and industrial planners rushing to increase their flexibility and adaptability.

In these trying times, businesses can gain a competitive advantage if they thoughtfully pause, reflect, and use this emergency as a catalyst for reinforcing their digital supply network models and capabilities.

By digitizing the value chain, they can create a harmonic flow of information and materials, which ensures visibility on all processes and one’s ability to control them

SESSION 4 – MAY 12th | 14:00 GST (12:00 CEST)

Prior to COVID-19, digitalization strategies were aimed at increasing productivity and efficiency. After the pandemic spread its effects to organizations across the world, it became an urgent necessity.

Many decisionmakers found themselves in the challenging situation of not only working from home, but also having to sort through the myriad options for digitalizing while collaborating with sub-optimal tech. In the post-COVID reality, maintaining productivity and general process functionality are tantamount to business survival. ​

​In this online event, we will illustrate how end-to-end digital (paperless) processes are key to safeguarding productivity. Join us in this session to find out how to select the right “tools” needed for your specific organization. We will cover: ​

– Electronic signatures ​

– Authentication & authorization mechanisms

​- Remote identification​

SESSION 5 – MAY 19th | 14:00 GST (12:00 CEST)

The COVID-19 crisis is teaching us that resilience is no longer a source of competitive advantage but a strategic necessity. The most successful organizations have a corporate culture which is both consistent and adaptable.

If you really want to build culture and trigger a change in employee mindset, you need to involve them in the process. 

In this session, we will discuss how to build the technology and mental stack for resilience, comprised of

• mind-set: the new principles of mindful leadership

• skill-set: the techno-business hard skills and emotional IQ

• tool-set: a phygital workplace and knowledge sharing ecosystem, new organizational models, and OKRs

SESSION 6 – JUNE 3rd | 14:00 GST (12:00 CEST)

The only thing we can be sure of today is that when we go out to the New World again, it will have surely changed. We won’t know how much, how profoundly, and how long the changes will last.​ ​

Determining whether this Black Swan has been a Monster that has destroyed everything in its path or a Mentor who has taught us great things will take years. Defining the enduring effects requires us to first see the true consequences.​

It is on a destructive path, we must act, decide, and move forward.​ ​

The crisis does not wait, the need does not wait, the markets do not wait, and people can no longer wait.​ Today, the situation has people looking for decisions, not answers.​ ​

We will go through the experiences of the C-levels who delivered their companies out of past crises.

They will help us understand how we can act in the current crisis in order to emerge even stronger.

SESSION 7 – JUNE 9th | 14:00 GST (12:00 CEST)

As we build a path toward a brighter, post-pandemic future, it will become even more important to start with users’ hidden and spoken needs. 

In this session, we discussed how to shape better experiences through:​

– Technology: The most promising use cases for the new era

– Designing hybrid experiences: How to mix digital and physical components to better fulfill customer expectations

– Business impact: How to integrate a phygital perspective into your practice.

SESSION 8 – JUNE 16th | 14:00 GST (12:00 CEST)

Join us to talk about how #i4.0 tech may be the urgent game changer that drives your company to survive in this crucial period.

Learn how to quickly integrate digital layers into your physical ecosystem – to build the PHYGITAL FACTORY.  Watch the replay of our online event, where you’ll learn about:

– Industry 4.0 tech domain clusters

– How and where you can affordably apply the tech in manufacturing and beyond

– How to make strategic decisions during uncertain times

– Combining digital and physical ecosystems

– Identifying the right partners for innovative projects

SESSION 9 – JUNE 23rd | 14:00 GST (12:00 CEST)

Are you using AI to make better decisions during the crisis? While your company scrambles to adapt and determine the right strategy during the unpredicted health crisis, the world and your very business are changing in ways that are impossible to project or predict. Managers, whose decision-making has to rely on data to build possible scenarios, are now stuck trying to find out how to do things differently. Artificial Intelligence has the potential to help tackle and expose issues raised by the pandemic. What’s more, AIsolutions can find unexpected solutions and provide possible scenarios for unprecedented situations, faster than any human mind can.

Join us to learn how the technology works and how to leverage it for your company – unlocking a new way to maximize revenues and profitability, while reducing costs. The technology also offers promising solutions for post-pandemic life. When your organization returns to normal, it will be there to support you. It won’t get tired of running one, or one thousand simulations. It is a critical support for data-driven, adaptable action planning, which can supplement managers’ wisdom and experience.

Sign up for our free learning event to find out how it works!

Session 10 - Accelerate your Digital Business: Key Trends and Ideas

SESSION 10 – JUNE 30th | 14:00 GST (12:00 CEST)

The pandemic has outbreak has fundamentally challenged the way companies operate in today’s world, where the rapid adoption of smart working has empowered most businesses to collaborate remotely and establish their virtual presence. This drastic cultural shift has been great news for society, as working from home is no longer considered a privilege.

Although the transition was smooth relative to its fast emergence, it has highlighted the limitation of the basic remote solutions, such as video calls and cloud sharing. In the “new normal”, the implementation of remote working is broader and deeper than most organizations realize. Competition will now rest on organizations’ abilities to run a digital business rather than to run a business digitally. To succeed, we do need not only technological support but a well thought, structured approach. Join us for a study of three key industries that have been significantly impacted:

– Smart Healthcare
– Smart Education
– Smart Hospitality

Joined by the C-Level industry experts who will discuss how to remain remotely agile and digitally competitive in the post pandemic world :

Ernesto Damiani : Professor and Director of Artificial Intelligence at Khalifa University

Benjamin Mores : Youth Program Director at EightHub | Smart Education

Raffaella Campagnoli : Founder & Director at LIRA | Smart Hospitality

Giorgio Casoni : CEO at Neocogita | Smart Healthcare

You will find takeaways that are relevant for any industry you work with. Don’t miss the capstone of our Black Swan Series.


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