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Investement criteria

We invest in great B2B software companies that have reached the market validation or the scaleup phase.
We focus on business models based on recurring revenue from software sales and business plans that aim at medium-term profitability.


GELLIFY helps software and SaaS enterprises grow thanks to a unique and exclusive methodology called Gellification (lasting 6-24 months), which is delivered to a limited number of companies.

Growth Program

The Gellification programmes create new successful B2B software companies that can choose to seize the best exit opportunity. This process brings a reduction of risks and increases the value of the company on the market.

gellify planning


We invest in the supply-side of innovation (startups) and we collaborate with the demand-side of innovation (medium & large enterprises). GELLIFY rests where the two curves meet, boosting our portfolio’s go-to-market efforts while providing great tech to larger companies.

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Are you a B2B software entrepreneur?

Take advantage of the Gellification path!

Are you a company?

The Gellification approach does not only target start-ups, but can also be adopted by companies willing to innovate.


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