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Innovation Areas

Transform employees into visionaries with proven innovation project models


GELLIFY’s Entrepreneurship services are designed to bring traditional companies to the next level using our proprietary innovation tools, from strategic projects to company building.

Phygital Factory & Operations

GELLIFY’s Phygital Factory and Operations co-executes your digital transformation roadmap, deploying the advantages of Industry 4.0 in your R&D, production, and supply chain functions, with tools like Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence.

Sales & Marketing

GELLIFY’s Sales & Marketing expertise allows small businesses to gain a voice in the increasingly expensive digital marketing atmosphere, while helping large firms invent new ways to attract, satifsy, and retain customers.

Smart Technology

Our Smart Technology services help companies to create personalized software products. The products are custom-fitted to each customer’s workforce skill level and culture. They incorporate emerging technologies that can improve processes and production efficiency.

Smart Human

GELLIFY’s educational programs enable HR professionals to play a proactive role in the digital transformation of their companies while they recruit and train new talent. The ability to thrive in digital markets starts with the people.

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