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The E&R sector is an entirely different business than it was in the twentieth century. The entire process of generating, transporting, distributing, and selling has transitioned out of its centralized and strictly regulated context.

It now faces an interconnected, decentralized business climate in which it has to decide how to behave.

These changes have been stimulated by structural changes in the supply chain for energy generation, as well as the impact of the renewables market. It faces further challenges from new laws, which allow much more active consumer involvement and for consumers to choose from a multitude of available services.

In this situation, emerging technologies and business model innovation are fundamental tools for transforming traditional operators’ business concepts. Indeed, these tools are the key to their survival in light of how polarized traditional E&R companies have become. Those who learn how to use them to gain competitive industrial advantage will avoid becoming irrelevant; instead, they will prosper from the new developments.

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