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We support the shift from static to dynamic education.

Today, we are approaching a significant shift from the knowledge era, when knowledge was power and luxury, to the post-knowledge era, where knowledge and humanity are molded in one.

We are no longer forced to complete our education in designated facilities within a specific timeline or period in our lives. The fast and exponential growth of technology and the implications of new business models required people to learn in real time, when and where the need was raised. The e-learning concept has responded to this sudden shift in the past years, but with a very limited effect – it eliminated very important success factors in education and knowledge development: human interaction and relationship-building.

Today’s technology can enable a scenario where people continuously develop skills on-demand with tailored and personalized programs that are extremely personalized and provide human collaboration experience. Modern tools on remote collaboration, remote classes, remote design thinking and gamification can boost the effectiveness of smart education in both academic and business learning. Three technologies aiding these tools include artificial intelligence (AI), which helps to organize knowledge and collect attendees’ performance data, as well as virtual reality and augmented reality, which facilitate the “phygital” experience and eliminate infrastructure costs and long commutes.

The future model of education has no limit in classroom capacity, the number of teachers, session frequency, infrastructure availability or time constraints.

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