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New technologies are profoundly changing industrial production, giving rise to “the factory of the future”. Factories must add a digital layer which acts as a powerful driver for competitive advantage. However, this layer is a complex and dynamic challenge to manage.

Energy & Resources

The E&R sector is an entirely different business than it was in the twentieth century. The entire process of generating, transporting, distributing, and selling has transitioned out of its centralized and strictly regulated context.

Retail & Consumer Goods

Consumer goods and retailers face the brunt of the disruptive impact of digital technologies. The common story is that they get disrupted directly from new competitors leveraging digital channels and subscription models.


Low barriers to information exchange have profoundly transformed the service industry, regardless of whether you work in the financial, transportation, telecommunication, media, or other service sectors.

Financial Services

The financial services sector is being turned on its head by digital disruption: new consumer habits, technology changing at lightning speed in areas like AI/ML, Blockchain, Cloud, and global industry convence. Companies must invest now or risk falling behind.


We support the shift from provider-driven to patient-driven healthcare.

Digital and biotechnologies are offering us an unprecedented opportunity to significantly improve our health by boosting the quality of one’s life and increasing its duration.


We support the shift from static to dynamic education.

Today, we are approaching a significant shift from the knowledge era, when knowledge was power and luxury, to the post-knowledge era, where knowledge and humanity are molded in one.

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