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Pirola Pennuto Zei & Associati - Partner GELLIFY

Pirola Pennuto Zei & Associati

Pirola Pennuto Zei & Associati was set up as a professional association in the early 80s on the initiative of its founders, who were already active in the 70s in tax and legal consulting for multinational companies. It currently represents one of Italy’s main independent Firms. Our organistion has made service quality its differentiator, thanks to the expertise and high level of professionalism of over 580 experts. The latters integrate technical and specialised skills to ensure a wide range of services in the tax, corporate and legal fields, both nationally and internationally, by relying on advanced methodologies and a wide network of correspondents.

Mamacrowd - Partner GELLIFY


Mamacrowd, managed by SiamoSoci, is Italy’s main equity crowdfunding platform, with over 12.5 milion euro of capital raised.

It allows to become partners of start-ups that are pre-selected by a network of incubartors, namely promising companies that are already producing revenues, with their businesses having been validated by the market. Investors  can diversify investment by creating a portolio of innovative companies and become partners of enterprises that operate in the fastest growing innovative sectors of the Italian economy.


ABI Lab is the Banking Research and Innovation Center founded and promoted by the Italian Banking Association (ABI) with the aim to connect banks and ICT companies. Through research and advocacy, they promote innovation as a mean of growth and reinforcement of the banking sector. In addition to research activities, ABI Lab collaborates with various institutions through their expertise to develop policies and guidelines to be adopted in a standardised way. At European level, they participate actively in various FBE initiatives. ABI Lab is a member of the technical tables of ENISA, EPC, and ECSO on safety and technological innovation.


ELITE is the private market connecting private companies with diverse sources of capital to drive their growth. It comprises a vibrant community of successful entrepreneurs, advisors, brokers and investors focused on helping private companies from around the world obtain funding and so transform their vision into clear plans, actions and results. Our network and digital platform provide companies with simplified access to diverse funding options and help intermediaries and brokers expand their reach. Today, ELITE is a global success story, unlocking funding, jobs and growth for thousands of companies and so bringing benefit to the economies in which they operate.




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